Why no address on your resume is a bad idea.

The main argument against is one of personal security, and I get that, but here is why you need it.

Recruiters, in their initial 20 second review, look for four or five “key things” on the resume, and location is one of them.

Why, because every position has one.

The job may be home based, off-site at a client, in a different city or at the hiring location.

Where you live tells the recruiter if you are local, if it’s commutable or if a relocation is required, and that information alone can mean no call for an interview.

If it’s a difficult position to fill, and your profile scores high on the other “key things” your chance of a call increases.

If it’s a more junior position, or one where there are many promising local applicants, you chance of a call is basically nil.

Phone area codes are also now less reliable indicators as land line phone numbers can be transferred, and cell numbers can be used anywhere without, in many cases, long distance charges, so more people are inclined to keep cell numbers when they move.

Our recommendation is just to show the City and Province (City and State) as in “London ON”.  If you live in a large city where commuting is a challenge and you want to keep your search local, you can also add the postal code (zip code).

This way you maintain confidentiality but give the recruiter information that they need to have.

Location, for good or bad, is always a factor. 

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