Why changing your resume is a bad idea.

Bad, for sure, if you change your employment dates and /or leave off employers.

I know that we all want to present ourselves in a positive manner but making these kinds of changes can have consequences.

The internet means that information can be forever.

Resumes sent can stay on file, profiles posted to job websites can be downloaded and stored. Over time a company can receive several resumes from the same candidate. They can be shared, copied, or forwarded. Once they leave the writer’s hand, a resume can have a life of its own.

Also, many companies use CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software where basic information on a candidate is inserted into a standard field so any updated resume, even those received years later, will clearly show any change in employment or dates worked.

So, what is a reviewer who sees these changes supposed to do?

Is this just a minor change to make the candidate look more stable?

Does one change mean that there may be others?

So, how much of the resume is real and how much is false?

What happens if a recruiter recommends the candidate for interview and it comes to light at a later date?

What would you do?

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