Job Interview Hints and Tips – The Day of the Interview

Job interview hints and tips can help you prepare for that all important meeting. Preparation on the day of the job interview is a key part of the job placement process.

Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.

Dress appropriately

Groom for success to present a clean and professional image for the job interview.

It’s better to have one outfit that fits properly rather than many outfits that don’t fit at all.

Dress for the environment you are going into. Casual hip clothing is accepted in video production or the music field, but not in banking or insurance.

Smart casual is correct for most meetings, but for corporate and professional environments a suit, pant suit or jacket and tie would be more appropriate.

Stay away from high fashion or very expensive clothes unless you are interviewing for positions in fashion related fields.
Keep jewelry to a minimum and no dangling earrings, bracelets that jingle and necklaces that hang low.

Golden Interview Tip: no visible tattoos, no shorts, no short dresses, no halter tops, visible skin from elbows down, knees down and neck up only and definitely no aftershave or perfume and do not smoke in the car on the way to the interview.

Take with you

A bound notepad and a few extra resumes in case they have mislaid it or other people are unexpectedly involved in the meeting.

Carry an umbrella if rain is possible.

Company address, phone, directions and interview information.

Cell phone if you have one.

Golden Interview Tip: your notepad is to look professional, not to actually use, unless it is really, really important.

Be on time

Of all of the job interview hints and tips, this is the most important. There are no excuses for being late.

Be aware

Do not preen and check your hair and makeup in the reflective glass in or outside the building as people inside may be able to see you from the moment you arrive.

Arriving too early can be almost as bad as arriving late.

Arrive at the reception area 10 minutes before the interview. This will allow sufficient time if other people are waiting. If the reception area is quiet you can introduce yourself and say who you are meeting but you are there a little early and want to take a few minutes to review some notes.

Present yourself at reception at five minutes prior to your interview time.

Pay attention to what happens next as busy receptionists can miss announcing your arrival, particularly if the person you are meeting is on the phone. Watch and listen carefully and follow-up occasionally if need be.

Golden Interview Tip: Reception is the gatekeeper. Always treat the gatekeeper with respect. They have more power and know more about what is happening than many in the company and the interviewer may ask them how you handled yourself at reception.

Remember: You never get a second chance to make that first impression.

– Simon A. Bull

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